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Dawn Gilkison KPA CTP  is the owner of Positive Solutions Dog Training - Portland Metro Area

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I work with dogs and their owners to create attentive companions and focused performance dogs.  I am committed to using only force-free training methods and will make training a great experience for you and your dog.

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Dawn Gilkison KPA CTP       Portland, Oregon Metro Area      
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Dog Training Classes At Your Home

Positive Solutions Dog Training in home dog training will provide you  with a positive, reinforcement-based system that is both effective and enjoyable for you and your dog.  You may need to solve common behavior problems such as leash pulling or jumping up on people; or perhaps a new puppy is joining your family.  Or you may be interested in positive training methods for field work, rally, or agility competition. 

I will work with you  and your dog to develop a personalized training plan that will meet your needs.

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Training For Your Dog

Training services for your dog or puppy - from  family dog to field or performance dog - find out more