"I really appreciate the way that you made Ivan feel comfortable while training.  You took the time to explain how the training works and how we could carry on with the training techniques at home.  Thanks very much for giving us new tools to work with."

Chris D.  Milwaukie  OR

"We learned a lot from you . . . I will highly recommend people come take classes and learn the joys of clicker training!"  Leticia G. Portland  OR

"You are a tremendous asset to Golden Bond Rescue"  Kathy B.  Corvallis  OR

"I was very impressed by her professionalism as well as her ability to gain control of the dog in a gentle way . . . it was obvious that Dawn really cared about the success of the dog."  Kelli S.  Portland  OR

"Dawn's main strengths as an instructor include her patient demeanor, her clear instructions, and her positive encouragement."  Lori S. Troutdale  OR

"Dawn worked with my Golden Bond Rescue Foster dog and her assistance was invaluable . . . Dawn's time with Dino made a big difference in his life." 

Marsha P.  Milwaukie  OR

Muddy Waters Arrow  (2003 - 2011)

wonderful companion

upland & waterfowl hunting dog

agility champion

loved and positively trained by

Dawn Gilkison

Positive Solutions Dog Training

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of clicker training with our club this weekend.  Hopefully more folks will embrace clicker training for their hunting dogs"  Adele N. South Louisiana Vizsla Club

"Positive Solutions is THE best way to train your dog.  Dawn Gilkison is a great trainer of dogs and dog owners.  We have one dog, a very enthusiastic puppy, and she has turned our frantic puppy into a well behaved young dog."  Linda P.  Happy Valley OR

"Dawn is a "Professional" in every sense of the word.  She provides all the materials necessary to achieve your objectives.  She is patient to a fault, and demonstrates everything you need to learn in order to train your dog."  Mike B.  Milwaukie OR

"Thank you so very much.  We could not have done it without you and your superb training skills.  This would have seemed miraculous a short time ago." 

John A.  Portland  OR

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