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Day Training  - I Train and You Maintain

Day training is a great solution for people with a busy schedule, or those who are not interested in doing much hands on training themselves.  You also get faster results with this more intensive program.

Each week, I have three training sessions with your dog, and one transfer session with you.  You do not have to be present for the dog's 3 training sessions, although you are certainly welcome to observe.  At the weekly transfer session, I will train you how to cue and reinforce the trained behavior in your dog.  After the end of the day training program there is a follow up session (one follow up for every three weeks of training) where I check in with you and your dog, making sure that your training goals have been met, and your dog is responding as you expect.  A minimum of three weeks is required for a day training program, the total number of weeks required depends on your goals and your dog's behavior at the start of training.

  • Day training costs $300 per week (3 week minimum) and includes:
  • Personalized training and management plan
  • Three training sessions for your dog each week
  • One transfer session for you each week
  • One follow up session for every three weeks of training
  • Email and phone support during the training period

Household manners, puppy fundamentals, field work foundation, and common behavior problems are all suitable for a day training program - call me today to find out more - 971-255-7466